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How to prepare for MDCAT

August 4, 2021 by Wajiha Yasmeen in Exam Preparation, Student Life 6 min read

How to prepare for MDCAT

MDCAT abbreviation for Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test is a standardized test conducted by UHS (university of health sciences). It is probably the most decisive assessment for aspiring doctors to be as its result holds 50% weightage in the aggregate calculation for admission in medical colleges.  In other words, it can make or break your dream of becoming a doctor. So how to ace the MDCAT exam? To answer this question, we have put together a comprehensive guide about how to prepare for MDCAT.

MDCAT test format

Let’s begin with the pattern of this test. It is an MCQs based type covering four subjects; Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English. There are a total of 200 MCQs that must be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

Out of these 200, 88 are dedicated to Biology, 44 to Physics, 58 to Chemistry, and 30 to English. Each question carries 01 mark and there is no negative marking unlike engineering entry tests.

Tricks and hints for MDCAT

Now let’s discuss the tips and tricks you can apply to stand above the crowd and score high marks:

  • Start with easy questions and gradually work your way up

This means that after quickly skimming through the whole exam, start attempting them from the beginning. Fill the answer for every question you know the answer to. If you experience difficulty to solve a question or are confused between two options, skip. You can always come back to it at the end.

  • Manage your time

All the questions in the test can be categorized into groups based on their difficult level. Out of the total 200 questions, 130 are quite easy and can be solved by most students. Attempt them first to boost your confidence level, save time, and calm your nerves. It should take around 60-80 minutes

Now comes the moderately tricky questions which consist of around 35 questions. You should solve them in about 35 minutes. Then lastly, dedicate the rest of the time to the most difficult questions left.

  • Focus on both MCAT books as well as course books

There are many books available on the  market dedicated to the preparation of MDCAT, don’t forget to practice from them. They are structured in accordance with the pattern and syllabus of the exam and hold many useful insights.

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How to prepare for MDCAT at home?

If you are in a pickle, whether to join an academy, hire a professional for private tuitions, or just prepare by yourself at home, then our suggestion is to self-reflect. Be honest and ask yourself these question:

  • Am I self-disciplined and motivated enough to prepare and stay focused?
  • Do I have a space at home where I can study without distractions?
  • Do I need help with any specific subject? If yes then hire an expert for that subject.
  • Am I proficient enough in all the core concepts?

Now make a decision on the basis of the answers to these questions.

How to prepare for MDCAT 2021?

30th August is the appointed date for MDCAT 2021, which means students have less than a month to prepare for it. Follow these steps to prepare for it in such a short time:

  • Take a mock test.
  • Understand the paper pattern and syllabus.
  • Identify your strong and weak points.
  • Make a study plan that suits your needs.
  • Focus on overcoming your shortcomings by repetitive learning and frequent practice.
  • Enhance your strengths through revision.
  • Take practice tests and solve past papers.
  • Start timing your practice tests.
  • Focus on building concepts rather than memorizing.

We understand that it is a struggling time and demand a lot of your time and effort. But if successful, the end result will make all the struggle worth it. Be calm and have faith in yourself on the day of the exam.

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