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Important Topics for 11th Class Physics

October 9, 2019 by Admin in Exam Preparation, Study 8 min read

Important Topics for 11th Class Physics

Physics is one of the most difficult subjects in the 11th class of all education boards in Pakistan, including Federal Board, Lahore Board, Karachi Board, and others. It’s especially hard to study for 11th class students. This is because the physics in intermediate (11th and 12th class) is much more in depth than the syllabus in matric (9th and 10th class). Aside from that, students know that 11th class is their second last step to finishing their high school education. The grades in this year will affect their intermediate percentile.

Students know that there are some topics that are more important than others in their textbook. These are the topics that frequently appear in board exams. A lot of teachers and tutors pay special attention to explaining these concepts to students.

The benefit of knowing the important topics in physics is that students can study selectively and save valuable time for exam preparation.

Following are the most important topics in 11th class physics: 

  1. Forces and Torque
  2. Momentum and the Law of Conservation of Momentum
  3. Projectile of Motion
  4. Work Done and Energy Conservation
  5. Moment of Inertia and Angular Momentum
  6. Dimensional Analysis
  7. Vector Addition
  8. Bernoulli’s Equation
  9. Simple Harmonic Motion
  10. The Speed of Sound

Exclusively studying the above mentioned important topics is not going to be sufficient for your physics exam preparation. You should study these topics in great detail but you shouldn’t skip studying all the others. Although these are the topics that appear the most frequently in board exams, other topics also have questions. This list is only meant to help you sort your priorities. These are the topics that you absolutely cannot skip while studying selectively.

There’s more to physics exam preparation than just studying the important topics in detail. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while preparing for your 11th class physics exam:

  1. Numericals are important

Although students know that numericals are an important part of 11th class physics, they usually don’t practice solving them as often as they should. Numericals can actually help you obtain up to 80% of the marks in your physics exam. You need to focus on numericals and the exercises in your textbook in order to achieve good marks in your physics board exam.

  1. You should practice test as much as possible

Exam preparation isn’t just reading your textbook repeatedly or rote-learning paragraphs. You won’t retain your material by sticking to those methods. Instead, you should practice test in order to study properly. You can practice test by solving past papers. In fact, this method of exam preparation is considered to be one of the most effective. You will also save a lot of time by solving 2-3 past papers daily in lieu of trying (and failing) to rote-learn your entire physics textbook.

  1. Don’t skip practicing diagrams

Just writing essay-like explanations as answers in your physics exam is not going to get you the marks you’re hoping to achieve. In questions about experiments or theories, the examiners will expect you to explain with the help of detailed diagrams. Although the diagrams in physics are not as complicated as biology, they’re equally as important. Make sure that you secure some time to practice drawing diagrams, especially the ones in the important topics listed above.

  1. Memorize formulas

You can’t solve numericals without memorizing all the important formulas. Make sure that you learn and understand how to use all the formulas that are important in the syllabus for 11th class physics. An easy way to remember to practice with all of them would be to make a list of those formulas similar to the one above about topics.

  1. Improve your mental math skills

Many students believe that they won’t have to perform any mental math in their 11th class physics exam because they’ll be allowed calculators. While it’s true that you’ll be allowed to use calculators, chances are that you’ll barely have the time to use it for every step. Practice mental math so you can save time during your exam by making simple calculations quickly in your head. This, combined with the formulas you memorize, will make solving numericals a breeze!

With the help of the list of important topics and the tips given above, you should be able to make your exam preparation for physics easy and effective. Remember that just sticking to important topics won’t get you good marks in your board exam. Make sure that you take regular breaks while studying and give yourself enough time to study thoroughly instead of cramming the night before your exams.

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