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Important Topics for 10th Class Physics

August 29, 2019 by Admin in Exam Preparation, Study 9 min read

Important Topics for 10th Class Physics

Preparing for your physics exam as a 10th class student is one of the most stressful parts of the year. This is because, unlike in 9th class, students have the responsibility of scoring excellent marks in their board exams so their final matric percentile is good. You get a second chance in the form of 10th class as a 9th class student, aside from supplementary exams. But matric students do not have that comfort. 

In order to make sure that you will achieve excellent marks in your 10th class board exams, you need to perfect your physics exam preparation. Many students know that some topics in their textbook are more important for exams than others. These topics are the ones that regularly appear in board exams. 

In some classes, there are only a few recurring topics that students can focus on while studying selectively. But, in classes like 10th class, the list of topics is very long. Here are the important topics for physics in matric class:

  1. Simple harmonic motion (mass attached to spring and simple pendulum)
  2. Waves
  3. Relationship between velocity, frequency, and wavelength
  4. Characteristics and speed of sound
  5. Reflection of light
  6. Spherical mirrors and image location by spherical mirrors
  7. Refraction of light
  8. Speed of light in medium and refractive index
  9. Total internal reflection
  10. Lens and its types
  11.  Image formation by lens and power of lenses
  12. The microscope and its length
  13. Telescopes
  14. The defects of vision
  15. Electrostatic induction
  16. Coulomb’s law
  17. Electric force and electric field intensity
  18. Capacitor and capacitance. 
  19. Parallel plate capacitor
  20. Electric current
  21. Potential difference and electromotive force
  22. Ohm’s law
  23. Ohmic and non-ohmic devices.
  24. V-I graph
  25. Resistance and resistivity
  26. Combination of the resistor (parallel and series)
  27. Electric energy and Joule’s law
  28. Electric volt
  29. Force on a current carrying conductor.
  30. D.C motor
  31. Electromagnetic induction
  32. The direction of induced e.m.f. – Lenz’s Law
  33. A.C generator
  34. Mutual induction- Transformer
  35. Logic Gates
  36. Cathode ray oscilloscope
  37. Properties of electron

Although the list of important topics for 10th class physics is very long, you can study these concepts by using effective study methods. If you paid proper attention to lectures, you shouldn’t have a lot of difficulty in studying these topics before your exams. Here are some things that will help you perfect your physics exam preparation:

  1. Pay attention to numericals and exercises
  2. Many students don’t know that numericals make up about 90% of marks in 10th class physics exams. The exercises in your textbooks are the ones that will appear in your exam. The only difference will be the change in values, so you have to make sure that you’re good with numericals. 

  3. Practice diagrams
  4. Unlike math or literature subjects, students need to have a good grasp of drawing detailed diagrams for physics. You should practice the diagrams of the important topics that have been mentioned above if you intend to obtain full marks in those questions. You can also understand which diagrams you should practice drawing especially with the help of past papers. 

  5. Improve your mental math skills
  6. You can guess that most of your paper will be numericals if they let you obtain up to 90% of the total marks. That means that you’ll be making calculations almost the entire duration of your exam. If you can’t perform simple calculations mentally, then you will lose a lot of valuable time. Although you will be allowed to bring in your calculator for your exam, you’ll be wasting time if you use it for every minor calculation. Instead, you should work hard to improve your mental math skills. 

  7. Use effective studying methods to prepare
  8. Rote-learning or just reading your textbook, again and again, are both inefficient methods of exam preparation. You won’t be able to retain anything that you’ll need to remember for your physics exam. Alternatively, you can just rely on practice testing to wrap up your exam preparations in a shorter period of time. This is one of the most effective methods of exam preparation. You can practice test by solving several past papers daily, cementing the information in your brain by recalling it in a testing environment. In fact, that’s the motive behind pre-board exams!

  9. Memorize important formulas
  10. Without formulas, you won’t be able to solve numericals. And it’s not like you can only learn one formula and apply it to every numerical. With the number of derivations and equations in physics for 10th class, you will have to memorize a list of formulas to complete your preparation for numericals. 

Physics exam preparation can either be really easy or extremely difficult, depending on the student. If you follow the above mentioned tips and pay great attention to the important topics, your exam preparation will be a breeze. 

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