Problems Students Face During Exam Preparation

October 8, 2019 | Exam Preparation | 0 comments

There is no shortage of trials and tribulations that students face during exam season. It is an extremely stressful time period for many students, and with this stress there comes a large set of problems that students face during their exam preparation.

While some students are better at coping with exam stress than others, there is no doubt that there are some common problems which are faced by all students when preparing for the final BISE board exams. Here are just a few of those common problems.

Lack Of Sleep

Exam stress is known to keep many students up at night with overwhelming thoughts of failing their final BISE exams. When this is not the case, then many students forsake their precious bedtime in favor of staying up all night cramming.

This is a major problem as a lack of sleep can seriously hinder your exam preparation. Sleep deprivation will cause you to become sluggish, fatigued, irritable, and unable to concentrate. Moreover, you’ll experience poor memory retention for whatever you do study. So, make sure that you give yourself enough time to sleep each night during exam season.

Poor Appetite

The stress caused by upcoming BISE board exams often causes students to experience a loss in their appetite. They feel sick and do not feel like eating even their favorite meals. Or, they will neglect their diet and instead reach for quick processed snacks and junk food.

An improper diet will cause students to experience a lack of energy, and their brain will not be able to remain alert during exam preparation. Moreover, sugary snacks and junk food can dampen brain performance and lead to an energy slump, rendering you unable to focus during exam preparation and BISE past papers practice. So, make it a point to fuel your mind and body with nourishing foods such as fish, leafy green veggies, fresh fruits, nuts, etc…

Unreliable Resources

As if the above problems weren’t bad enough, many students struggle to find the right study resources that can provide them an effective exam preparation. Moreover, much time is spent searching for good quality study resources, or time is wasted using ineffective study tools.

During exam season, every minute is valuable. Spending time searching for reliable study materials is unproductive and wasteful. Not only that, but it is extremely stressful for students who do not know how to study effectively. So, make sure you find good quality study resources ahead of time such as a textbook, BISE past papers, study notes, and solved BISE past papers of the previous 5 years.

Inability To Concentrate

Many students complain that they cannot make themselves concentrate on their exam preparation, despite how nervous they are about their upcoming final BISE board exams. Furthermore, having a short attention span for their studies is another common exam problem.

Often times, the inability to concentrate stems from deep-rooted stress that students face which consumes all of their subconscious thoughts. In order to overcome this, practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques. There are also tricks to improve concentration, such as by taking short breaks in between BISE past papers practice, going for a walk, concentration-boosting games, etc…

Short Memory

The ability to retain and recall information that was previously studied is another major problem that students face during final BISE board exams preparation. This problem is particularly faced when they attempt to solve BISE past papers and find that they cannot remember the right information to solve each question.

This is frustrating for students as they feel that their exam preparation efforts go to waste when they cannot remember what they learned. Luckily, there are ways to improve memory, which includes a proper diet, plenty of rest, setting your mindset to learn, and using active learning techniques, such as writing or solving BISE past papers rather than passively reading the text.


Becoming a nervous wreck just before your final BISE board exams are one of the worst problems that students of all classes face! When the exam stress becomes too much, jitters, pounding heartbeat, clammy hands, and a disturbed stomach are some symptoms that students face.

Letting your nerves get the best of you will lead to negative consequences. It will hinder your exam preparation, and reduce your ability to perform well on the actual exam. So, you must keep your stress in check. Meditation and deep breathing can help, but it is also important to keep things in perspective by reminding yourself that these exams are not ruining your mental peace over. Furthermore, be confident in yourself! As long as you try your best and have sufficient BISE past papers practice, there’s no need to worry.

Overcoming these problems may feel like a difficult task during exam season, but it is very possible as long as you follow these tips and techniques.

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