Study Tips for University Entry Test

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Preparing for university entry tests is an extremely stressful task. Not only is there the pressure of performing well so that you can attend the University of your Dreams, but there is also the burden of studying for your FSc final BISE board exams at the same time. This often causes confusion among students as they can’t decide where to focus their energy.

Luckily, you don’t have to face that same confusion. Follow these tips to make studying for your university entrance tests a breeze, without getting in the way of your FSc exam preparation.

Start From the Beginning

The university entry test is comprised of the syllabus from your FSc exams. So, if you want to perform well on the entry test, then your preparation should begin with the preparation for your final BISE board exams. This means being attentive in class, going through the textbooks thoroughly, and revising each chapter. If you are well-versed with the FSc syllabus, then you will automatically be much better prepared for the university entry tests. So be sure to give full effort into your BISE board exams.

Know the Dates and Plan Ahead

Do not make the mistake of delaying your entry test preparation until the last minute. Instead, you should plan ahead by visiting the university’s website and determining the entry test dates. By planning ahead, you will be able to develop a study schedule that gives equal time for your entry test and FSc exam preparation. This way, you will have ample time to study for your entry test, without conflicting with your BISE board exams preparation. In the days leading up to the entry test, you should give full force on revising the syllabus and practicing the university test’s past papers. Since there is limited time to prepare for the entrance test, it will likely not greatly interfere with your FSc final BISE board exam preparation.

Refrain From Cramming and “Ratta”

You may be able to get away with rote learning, or “ratta”on your BISE board exams, but this will definitely cost you marks on the university entry tests. This is because the entry tests are designed to test your concepts and understanding. Hence, cramming will be of no use to you for scoring high on the university tests. The best way for you to prepare is by reading the coursebooks and guides with the purpose of understanding the underlying concepts and logic. Once you are able to logically understand the syllabus, answering questions on the entrance test will be a piece of cake.

Practice Solving Past Papers

Just like you solve BISE past papers in order to study for your FSc exams, you should also be making use of past papers for the university entry test. Past papers will give you a clear idea of the types of questions asked on the entry tests, and will also give you confidence in attempting the examination. You can find entry test past papers online, and they are often available on the website of the university that you are applying for. So be sure to obtain as many past papers as you can and practice solving each question.

Start Working on Your Mental Maths

It is a well-known fact that most university entry tests do not permit calculators inside the examination hall. This means that you will have to rely on your brain and ability to perform mental maths. This can be tricky as most students are used to using calculators on their FSc BISE board exams, so you will need tons of practice with solving calculations mentally. During the entry test, you will be provided space for rough work, so during your exam preparation you can also practice solving questions by doing rough work in a separate notebook.

Maintain Balance between University Tests and BISE Exams

Do not become a victim to the fearful mindset that tells you that you do not have enough time to prepare well for your entry tests. As long as you are able to remain focused and follow a balanced timetable, there is no reason why you can’t study for your entry tests and FSc final BISE board exams at the same time. The syllabus will be quite similar, so studying for university entrance tests will not interrupt your BISE exam preparation. However, it is important to maintain balance by studying equally for both examinations, without neglecting one or the other.

Be Confident!

Finally, it is important to be confident in your abilities! Do not panic and fall into negative thinking patterns like “what if I don’t get into university?” or “what if I fail my entry test?” You must remain calm and confident. While university entrance tests are competitive, you will surely do well as long as you have sufficient exam preparation. Confidence is key for ensuring that you do not panic or second-guess yourself on the entrance test.

Follow these helpful tips in order to perform well on your university entrance test and score the marks that you desire, without compromising on your FSc exam preparation!

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